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As mentioned in the note of thanks I dropped in today's mail to you, we've gotten a lot of very positive feedback from all departments. Our employees really loved the way you engaged them, kept their interest, and even gave them a few laughs.

Kate Early, Administrator

City of Montgomery

Soaring Eagle Consulting is at the leading edge of business excellence, creating and customizing strategic interventions that quickly and positively effect the bottom line. Soaring Eagle Consulting is a powerful organizational resource that is transforming the way we do business.

Terri Rickets, President

Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce

Wow, that was great!! I still feel good 3 days later. As I expressed then and I say again now, what a great way to capture our interest and accomplish a ton while having fun.

I believe we accomplished a lot. A major part of that is directly related to the leadership provided by you. You are not a dominating leader but one who softly earned respect, put the responsibility on our shoulders, and managed to bring us back when we drifted off of the main topic.

Thanks again for a beneficial day.

Rich Arnold, CEO

VersaPrint, Cincinnati

I have had many kudos from some of the Board members about the retreat. I really feel that you did a successful job in helping us "see the light", so to speak, and was looking forward to our meeting this morning. I truly believe we accomplished what you and I had set out to do and that those who attended felt good and energized afterward.

Kathie Currier, President

Sharonville Chamber of Commerce

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