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About Soaring Eagle Consulting

Since the mid '90s Soaring Eagle Consulting has been successfully igniting its clients' organizational excellence through capacity building strategies and unleashing their employees' potential through staff development options.

Soaring to Success - Tip of the Month

Step forward. reach forward and create. If you don’t keep moving, any advantage you might once have had will disappear.

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Soaring Eagle Award

Rumnularsih, a junior hostess on the Carnival Cruise Lines Spirit, provided a high level of friendly and consistent service over an eight day cruise. Her smiling personality brought joy to passengers throughout the dining room. "Rum" made a special effort to meet the children and by mid-cruise they flocked to her each night upon entering for dinner.

Congratulations Rum, you've won a Soaring Eagle Award!

If you'd like to recognize someone who has provided you with exceptional customer service, send us the story, and if available, a picture and address. We'll send a Soaring Eagle Customer Service Award. Each month we'll post one of the great customer service stories we receive.

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